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Program of Record Advisory

A Program of Record (POR) is a Federal Acquisition Program which is a directed, funded effort that provides a new, improved, or continuing material, weapon, or information system or service capability in response to an approved need.

Stonegardens Advisory and our team of Technical Writers work with your team to get your technology written into an existing or newly created Program of Record, in faster time, and for less than any existing competitor*.

Benefits of a Program of Record:

​Large YoY Revenue Potential: Substantial, uninterrupted recurring government revenue (8 to 9 digits) and expansion opportunities:

  • Revenue source in perpetuity: funding in the federal budget is rarely (if ever) cut; 

  • Additional funding to cover more than just the equipment/product purchase. To include:

    • Cost of the material solution

    • Maintenance costs to install/repair/replace items and any known spare part requirements

    • Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation (RDT&E) 

    • Instructional Systems Development (ISD), curriculum certification/codification, Mobile Training Team, & Instructor Certification 

*Typically undergoing this process with competitors takes upto 3.5 years, for sums in the millions. Stonegardens typically concludes this process within 6-12 months, at a fraction of the cost.

Glass Buildings

PoR Execution: Five (5) Phase Methodology

  • Identify High Level Capability

  • Begin Capability Development Document.

  • Create Requirements Package

  • Streamline PoR Identification Process

  • Establish Current Capabilities and future R&D plans.

  • Inform R&D funding levels.

  • Identify costs for future funding levels

  • Increase brand awareness and knowledge of capability

  • Increase likelihood of integration and funding


Stonegardens iteratively develops, refines and socializes the Capabilities Development Document (CDD) throughout these phases in order to integrate your company into select PoRs

The CDD is the "core deliverable" that drives the PoR integration process

Work With Us

Results Driven: 100% success rate on all previous submissions.

Cost Effective: Lean, agile team with little overhead, able to execute for less.

Experience: 70+ cumulative years experience in DoD and PoR technical writing experience. Management Team consists of former Big 4 consultants, Buy and Sell side professionals, veterans, fintech and capital markets lawyers & MBAs.

Schedule a Consultation: 

Our team will assess your Company's offerings and capabilities, delivering an honest assessment and scope of work if we believe you fit the Stonegardens PoR requirements. 

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